How can I Transfer Bot player data ( Using PlayerState in AiCcntrollers )

Hi friends ,
We have been developing a multiplayer game ,
now we came a cross an issue after adding bot to our game which is saving Bots data (data or info that needed by other players like number of kills , deaths and more)

Now as you may know UE AAIController does not have a AplayerState built-in with it .

so my question is How can we transfer data from Bots to all other players ?
or is there anyway to add APlayerState to AAIController
or can we use AController to control bots ?

I appreciate any help , thank you so much .

Hi and welcome to the community.

This should be the same as any other player, if your base pawn is set up correctly.

This is beyond the scope of the course however and I’ve no experience with this. You could try asking on discord.

I assume what you want to do is have a mix of bots and human players?

hello ,thank you so much ,which discord you talking about ? and yes it mixing of bot and human player

There is a link in the early lectures to the gamedev discord. You can ask there.

If it is a mix, am I right in also assuming that the bots substitute human players? If so, the multiplayer data should be sent in the same manner as a human player

oh thank you so much my brother

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