How about a [HELP] forum for programmers


How about a help forum for helping each other spot bugs and generally use C# with unity?
The Big [HELP] forum?


I second the motion. :wink:


I believe that’s one of the purposes of the lecture sub-forums. If you’re having problems with a particular section of code or concept in a lecture, you can post a [Help] query there or on Udemy Q&A.

If it relates to code written outside the parameters of the course lectures and with the general nature of the courses being for beginners and up, your question may not yield a lot of response from experienced users who can give feedback except maybe from a handful of users and the instructors. Not to say that you shouldn’t or can’t ask! I just don’t know if those would fit the scope of the forums. Maybe that’s your question. “Where do I post [Help] questions not related to the lectures?”


Can’t use simply use the #unity forum root? Or would you like a C# sub-category?

We could also use tags for languages like this, but we need a review of tags first.


Being new to Udemy/Unity courses I am wondering about where to go for non-course related programming problems.


Try the #lounge


@RetroDan, if you’re not sure, just post! I’d rather see the posts and have to move a couple and then let people know where they will live than people not post or not ask their questions. I firmly believe that people’s questions on the forums are of great benefit to us all as we can all learn from them.