Highway Runners, my take on the laser defender course

Hello there,
this is my first post here with an early project im quite proud of :grinning:.
It is far from done and still needs a lot of tweaks and balancing specially with waves and ennemy behavior.

Features :
-4 ennemy types with 2 bosses
-Bosses with multiple shooting points
-Collisions with vehicles and damage system
-Music player with 3 titles tracklist
-Badass design with cops and thieves style


Let me know what you think, im still having troubles with the build settings and canvas scalling so a few glitches might appear.

P.S : yes the game is entirely in french, but translation is not yet on my list

Have a good day !


Nice work!

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Nice job overall. I suggest you upgrade the artwork on the bullets and missile thingys as these look a bit simple compared to the rest of the art ie. cars, trucks etc.

The graphics are awesome. I particularly liked the gun popping out of the window. Really nice touch!

Great work! Keep going and never give up!

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Great job!!! The guys shooting from the van are sooo cool haha! And I even got to practice some of my french, win-win situation for me ;D. I’ll look forward to playing your future games!

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