High poly chess set

My display screen broke, I was unable to work on it for quite a while…
So here’s what I’ve got so far:


Really cool folding case!

Hardware issues are not cool. :nauseated_face:

Glad you managed to finish it! :+1:

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Excellent work!

All felt bases on the pieces, cut outs for each in the box all felt lined. Well made knight. The black set has more than a plain colour, some subtle surface? Nice room setting.

Being hypercritical for minor possible improvements. The wood perennial problem, lack of end grain where needed. Or different construction to avoid the issue. The ends have grain one way on the top, then at 90 degrees to it on the ends.


I’m just loving the folding case/board, and the way the pieces fit so nicely inside the case . . . it’s just great. :grinning:


I find this a realistic render!

But the wood, it looks like it glowing or transparent, or sub surface scattering … It give me a rubber look.

Still a very good Blender project!


Saw a set like this IRL and the case was made of a plastic faux-wood… I thought this looked exactly like that, so assumed it was intentional.


This was exactly my thought looking at it!

I’m literally in awe.

I love how the black pieces material is not completely smooth while still being glossy.
Everything about this showcase is fuel for my efforts.

Thanks for sharing!

Very nice set!! :raised_hands:

Awesome. nice case and shining pieces…