Hi! Instead of a car I made a little lunar rover :)


Great Idea!

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I love the little detail you added with the antennae. Did you make them from cylinders?

I agree, that antennae looks awesome. Great job Sealion! This was really creative!

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Its crazy how a few nice words can put a smile on someone’s face :slight_smile:

The antennae are actually just very thin cubes stretched out using the scale tool! I also grabbed the first moon surface texture I could and googled how to put in a simple texture for the ground. Good luck with your projects everyone!

I love it! But how did you get the moon backgrounds? :face_with_monocle:

This looks great. Good idea.

Now i want to go to space !
Awesome job and wish you the best with that course :wink:

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I googled Moon surface texture and just took the picture into unity! All the best with your work and projects :slight_smile:

Thank you! All the best to you also.

hahah so cute good job especially nice touch with the moon texture

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Looks like Opportunity’s cousin. I like the extra step of adding the lunar surface texture, that’s something I didn’t think to try. Nice job!

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looks cool nice work

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