Hi from... the Milky Way (just like you! :P)

Hi guys! I’m Tammy!

I just started this course and already having so much fun! The instructors are fun, really enjoying watching it :slight_smile: it was fun when they were listing the things we are going to learn, they were excited to tell us and i got excited too haha, sounds like a lot of fun!

I’m already an artist and looking forward to learning Blender. I’ve tried it once before and found the UI extremely overwelming. This time I’m confident I’m gonna get it, i have the feeling this is a very didactic course :slight_smile:

edit: i forgot to ask! where can I find the facebook group link?

Have a lovely day!


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Welcome, Tammy!

Found the group for you (and joined while at it lol):

I know exactly how you feel, happens to me a lot (have a couple of courses on Udemy which I’ve started but not finished).

But just as Mr Marc said: Repetition.

Don’t forget to show us your work!

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Hi Isael! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I have requested and now I’m waiting to be accepted there.

I was trying blender before without a method actually, just by watching youtube tutorials, but as good as they are, a course with a method that will teach you from the basic is a better idea than breaking your head trying to understand random tutorials haha…

I’m just starting the lesson 7 (yesterday I watched until the UI lesson), so I haven’t done much in blender yet :slight_smile: by myself, only edited a tshirt I made in another program with the sculpt and edit tool. Waiting to learn everything from basics to be able to work for real on Blender!

Where can I see people’s works?

Have a nice day!

Hi @Tammy,

Could you re-request access to the Facebook Blender group please. Your request was deleted as it ticked a few of our dubious account boxes. As I have seen you on the forum also, if you would re-request access I will authorise your request straight away.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

Hey, Rob!

I requested again :slight_smile: I just keep my facebook private, but it’s my account that i’ve used for many many years already.

That’s ok, I understand.

Have a nice day!

Hi @Tammy,

I’m not seeing the request?

I did send an invite via the email address you used on the forum, it might be that if you accepted that you have just gone straight through… can’t seem to find you though…

Updated Thu Apr 27 2017 22:51

The request just appeared, I have just authorised it…

Again my apologies for the inconvenience, 100% my fault.

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@Rob just requested again =) it says pending.

edit: haha thank you! :slight_smile: no problem! Have a nice day!

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We got there! :slight_smile:

Thank you, you too.

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