Hi from Belgium

Hi all

I’m currently taking Ben’s course on Unity game development and wanted to make my own 3D models, so I enrolled in this course to get started straight away. Any other game developers here?

Have a nice day

Hi from grandparents who were Belgian. (check last name xD)

I plan to wrek the unreal community after finishing the modeling course; since I took Bens Unreal course instead of unity course, haha.

If you’ve got talent they’ll always be the opportunity to apply your knowledge early with a bit of work, in this course.

But if you’ve got talent it might be best to hold yourself off in these introductory courses. Since for be warned; they are just that.
Or else you end up with OCD inspired models like this:

Cool, I’m planning to take the Unreal / c++ course next semester (or maybe the one after that), once I feel more confident in Unity / C#. One thing at a time. Am really looking forward to that course, though. I used to make maps for UT99 in UnrealEd 2 (even made one of those illustrious gothic cathedrals this course also seems to be teaching). Best of luck and I’ll see you around :slight_smile:

Next “semester”; haha. It does give you the feeling its a real course and school, doesn’t it? Only where the purpose is only to learn and at any pace you’d like.

Its nice you were lucky enough to discover those editors, back then, I hadn’t a clue how easy to was to make maps. I didn’t even know there was a 3d view in the editors until a few years ago!

But those must have been the days huh? haha, good luck with the course too.

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