Hi fellas! My brand new bezier curves and models

Some 3d models that i am learning from Michael Bridges’s lectures.
Have a nice modelling fellas and a nice day!

Hey, nice variations on the lamp body. How did you produce the last one, with the twisted segments?

Thank you!
I used the previous lamb body to start the new mesh modeling.
The previous lamp body was a cylinder mesh with twist modifier - not a good result for me!
It was very difficult to control the final appearance.
What I really did: Loop Cut and Slice tool (CTRL + R) for 4 or 5 cuts in height axis of the cylinder mesh (edit mode).
I selected all cuts plus top (or cap) - the base were not selected - then i did a limited rotation in height axis (about 10 degrees).
So, i disabled only the first cut above the base and did again the limited rotation in height axis for the rest of the cuts. Repeat this until the top was finally rotated.
Then, i selected the first cut above the base and rescaled for something more big. The others cuts i rescaled for less.
The final appearance depends what you want: a thin body or a robust body.

For the new modeling:
First, in edit mode, i selected an edge that had an appearance like an helix. From base to top.
Then, i selected the next edge that had an appearance like an helix.
Next, i separated (ctrl + p) the section from the lamp body.
Apply Bridge Edge Loops (CTRL + E) and apply the solidify modifier.
Using smooth or subsurf i can control the number of the vertex for a low or high poly mesh.
It ends with SHIFT+D and rotation until you have the final mesh.

Sorry for the long post.

Thanks for the detailed reply. I didn’t know how one could get that kind of twisting effect.

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