Hey unreal Community!


Hello everyone, I’m Riyad, a young 19 years old developper from France, more especially Auvergne. I learned how to program in some languages like Java, C, C++, Python or Ruby by myself and naturally get interested in developping videogames. This course seems to be a very good opportunity to improve my skills and to find people that show as much interest as me in video games. See you in the next sections :wink:


Welcome, Riyad.

Enjoy! With your prior langauge experience, you might find the Bull Cow game frustratingly slow. I ended up skipping that section and am doing fine on Building Escape.


Welcome dude,
I also had some basic c++ knowledge when I took the course. I remember myself watching all videos at a 1.5x speed xD


Ha! I wish I’d thought of that. I’m just starting Section 4 now, so the time for going fast is probably over. But that would have been great earlier on. Oh well, next time. :wink:


hi bm. thats pretty cool u already know all those languages at your age and on your own. super cool! im learned a small amount of javascript, and an even smaller amount of python and c++, but i love coding. cant wait to learn more in this coarse. good luck, man.