Hey! I'm new here and I need some help

hey guys!!
I’m Olaya and I’m from Spain.
Two days ago I started the “learn 3D Modeling- The Complete Blender Creator” Course
My 32bit Computer has Windows 10 as operating system.
The Blender version I had before I started this course was version 2.75, when I noticed this, I immediately tried to download the latest version (2.78)
After installing version 2.78, my computer showed me this message several times:
"Your system does not use 3D hardware acceleration.
Blender requires a graphics driver with OpenGL 2.1 support.
This may be caused by:
-a missing or faulty graphics driver installation.
Blender needs a graphics card driver to work correctly.
-accessing blender through a remote connection
-using blender through a virtual machine
The program will now close "
Thanks for reading my message. I hope someone can help me.



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