Hey all!

I’m Brandon, and I’ve been working in film and television for a good while now, in front of the camera as an actor.
But over time, I’ve studied a lot about film creation and directing too. I’ve done a lot of blender tutorials online. And I’m versed in Blender in a pretty ok way. But I still haven’t done what I want to do yet. I want to create a Short animation film that I’ve written a long time ago. I’m interested in finishing this film soon, even if it takes outsourcing through blender. I really love blender and what it stands for to me, which is Free art development with Professional quality. So I would love for my short film to be done through them, as well as the feature film version too!
Hopefully I can collaborate with some artists to make the movie a great success.
Otherwise I also love Art and learning 3-D animation.

Hey Brandon welcome :D,

The short animation film you want to create will be full cg or mixed with live action? seems like an awesome goal :D. I wish you good luck man.

Thanks a lot for the well wishes on it. Yes, this one will be full animation, a cartoon.

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