Heroic Fantasy Rabbit

It’s been a long time since I promised myself to be active here, but I’m currently away from home, using an old and slow PC (when I have time). Nevertheless, I’ve managed to finish this section, and wanted to share my work.

This is how it looks, more or less finished.

I plan to work on my rabbit some more next month, since I won’t bet slowed down by old technology anymore.


Hi @Svetlin_Balkanski, I really like this… nicely done, and very original from the other bunnies I have seen shared… definitely has that fantasy feel to him (guessing him merely from the shorts) :slight_smile:

You did a very nice job with your Rabbit! Very original and a very nice modeling job on the figure and his clothes!

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Thank you, Rob and Morgaine !

While I’m satisfied with the rabbit, the rest of the scene really needs some finishing touches. For instance, I will add this house, once properly textured.


Did you create this also @Svetlin_Balkanski? Looks fantastic… every bunny needs a home! :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing it in the scene.

It is indeed my work, loosely based on a painting by Tim Hildebrandt.

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It’s really good @Svetlin_Balkanski - well done… looking forward to seeing it all together :slight_smile:

Haha I absolutely love it!

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Wow, very inspiring! The clothes of the bunny are awesome!

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