Here's my Pawn(s) so far

​I tried adding a little lip below the sphere for a little added detail but I don’t think it reads very well. I also wanted a visible seam between the sphere and the rest of the piece so I included a ring of vertical faces at the join. I maybe should have zoomed in a little further on my close up view-port.

Not without problems though.
I added the sphere while in edit mode and I didn’t realise immediately. It didn’t cause too many problems, but it did slow me down slightly because I went in and manually removed hidden faces and such. It would have bothered me to leave them haha.

Not as LP as the one Michael did but I’m happy with the results. I chose to go with 6 rings on the sphere and I really wanted to make that seam between the sphere and the body look really intentional again so I kept a gap.

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