Here's my chess board

Ok, I was a bit lazy and didn’t move any of the pieces from the starting positions, but maybe I’ll have some time for that tomorrow.
Also, I played around with the materials and post-processing options a bit to get a slightly more realistic feel to the final image from the Blender renderer. Hope you like it!


I like it but maybe you should make the rim of the board a little different - the front side should have the direction of the wood turned 90 degrees. At least my opinion

I agree with you, it does look slightly off. Though when working with it, I was actually mainly viewing it from the white or black players’ sides, so then it looked ok.
Also, it’s apparent (well, at least if you look closely) that the texture is repeating 3x on each side, which kind of annoys me. A higher resolution wood texture could help, or perhaps I’ll try a procedural wood texture.

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