Here is my very first game! The Greek Cafe. (You probably seen 1000 of these xD)

Here is my very first game! :trophy:
I know you’ve seen a thousand of these and I do not expect any feedback.
But regardless, I hope you will be able to solve it!

Yeah, it’s really short. But it’s a game, and I learned a lot! :tada:
Is the story of this game anywhere near yours? I would love to see it. Please share ^^

(Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D Course)

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Congratulations on your game :partying_face: awesome job with your game! You did an amazing job and no matter what keep posting! Even if it is the same concept as other posts it is uniquely your own and that makes it valuable enough to share :slight_smile:

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Wow, thank you so much for your kind words, Kevin! I really appreciate it! :blush:
I wish you a great day, keep on making the world a happier place and have fun creating! :grin: :video_game: :trophy: