Hen Defender!

My take on the Laser Defender game. Kick the tires. Tell me what you like and dislike, and hopefully the next one gets better.



Good job! :slight_smile:
I really like the idea, and it is really fun. However, I feel like there should be a countdown before the farmer starts shooting. The game starts a bit too quickly.

Did you make the art?

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Yeah, after playing around with it a little, a timer would’ve been a good idea.

I did make the art. I’m a recovering cartoonist.


Really nice @Jake_Allen, love the artwork, you have a fab talent there. :slight_smile:

I would concur with @enricodegan that perhaps a count would be useful, I think Worms used to do this and that was cartoon-esq also, kinda big number bouncing and shrinking in the centre of the screen as it counted down. (cant describe that very well).

I had a little difficulty playing it on the laptop as I couldn’t see all of the screen, but with a little scrolling I could see what was happening, very nice indeed. It’s very fast paced! :slight_smile:

Thank You!

It does start pretty abruptly, in hind sight. If I retool this at all, that is something I will work in to it.

A bit of an oversight on the screen resolution. I was trying to build to Galaga specs, with the hopes of retooling it for mobile. Unfortunately I was forgetting the platform I was releasing it to. I don’t like that it forces the player to need to scroll around or resize their window.

Thanks for the feedback:slight_smile:

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Wow. Just Wow.


It’s no biggy, I could play it just about and really liked what I saw… you are very talented with the artwork…

Recovering cartoonist? Intriguing! :slight_smile:

Comics is a crowded field full heartbreak and long hours. :smiley:
And the art of coding feels much more fun, than the problem solving of art… at least after 20 years of doing art.

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If that’s the case then I would suggest you are in an excellent position now for creating games, you are highly skilled with the art so can easily (from my perspective, I do appreciate a lot of work goes in to it!) create your own game art/assets and with the course(s) will gain more knowledge/experience on the coding side - pretty cool all round.

Please do continue to share your progress with us :slight_smile:

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WOW O_O :open_mouth:

Great job @Jake_Allen :smiley:

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Really nice art work there, which program did you used for this art ?

I did the artwork in Manga Studio, which goes by Clip Studio Paint, now.

Wow, nice job @Jake_Allen!

@Jake_Allen, This game is awesome! Other then the things other people mentioned I really enjoyed the game!

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