Help With Redeeming Unreal Humble Bundle

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You can find full redemption instructions for the courses, assets and games directly on Humble Bundle.

Here are some FAQ’s regarding the redemption process, if we don’t cover yours here please reply to this post explaining what your issue is.

  • Can’t login into Please note the login details for our community site and course site are different. If you’ve not already done so, you’ll need to create an account on

  • To download your asset(s), enrol as usual for the course. In the course curriculum click ‘Start next lecture’. In here you’ll find all the details for downloading your assets.

Hi Lucy!
I just bought full Unreal courses content on Humble and was confusing.
Previously I bought course for Unity on Udemy and it was great. Very useful QA section, subtitles and other stuff. But Humble gave me codes for and there no even subtitles, which is sad cause English is not my first language. Is there any coupon for Udemy same courses If I already have on
Thank you!

Hi Vimetra,

Thanks for your message and sorry for the confusion over where the courses would be redeemed.

Unfortunately, Udemy have recently changed their coupon system which restricts our ability to give students discounts and access on their site.

We understand how important subtitles are and we’re looking into solutions so we can add them to our site as soon as possible.

All the best,
Part of the team

Hi Lucy, wondering when will the unreal 4.22 C++ lectures completed?

Hey @wanderer120 :wave:

We’re working hard to get it remastered as quickly as possible. You can see Mikey’s latest update about the remaster here:

Does that help?