Help with "Loose Parts" - acting funny

Hello all, Newb here…

I made an array of 4 pins, then I duplicate the array twice. This gives me a total of 12 pins. I need to separate “loose parts” in order to manipulate the pins to the correct number and such. The problem is, when I select all of the array in edit mode and select loose parts, it separates in 349 pieces? It does the same thing when separating loose parts with the other 2 duplicated arrays.

What to do? I just want to separate the 4 pins in the array to 4 separate components.

Hi Mudslinger. Just a thought. After you have gone into edit mode are you selecting only one array or all the arrays desired to be separated? I think the separator works on a single array (though I could be wrong, I’m a newb too). Also after selecting the array are you selecting the entire array (all the pins in that array will turn orange) or just part of it (most of the pins will remain black), before separating?


Have you gotten to the portion where you apply the array modifier? Once it is applied, you should be able to go into Edit Mode, select all the verts (have them all highlighted) for a given pin, then hit P to separate. Hope that helps.

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