[Help] When exporting my game in HTML 5 my game screen gets cut off

In unity my project looks fine the dimensions are fine and can see all of the text, unfortunately when I export the game to HTML 5 and play on web the top and bottom of my scenes are cut out. I have my dimensions set to Standalone (1024x768).

Any help or info would be great.

Hi @Mike_S, I believe the WebGL player uses a size of 960x600, it’s small than your project. That would be the reason why it’s cutting your GUI. I would recommend making the text objects flexible, like that they can readjust no matter what size you are using :slight_smile:
Hope it helps!

how do I go about editing this to make my project flexible?

@Mike_S i think here you can find some information about that, basically is creating your GUI in a way that they can move, expand and resize. Check the anchors of your GUI elements, you will see different options.
Hope it helps.

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