[Help] Unity is not saving project correctly

Hi guys, I have a problem with saving projects in Unity. Every time I quit Unity and re-open a couple days after I am missing stuff which I’ve had already done. This might be for example: missing component from prefab, sprite reference, undefined public variable and so on. Because of that I started to save every scene and project a few times before I close Unity but this doesn’t work too. The losses are usually fixable in 2-3 minutes but this behavior is just annoying.

Anyone experienced similar issue? Maybe there’s another save button somewhere I’m not aware of?

Thanks in advance.

Could the file(s) still be open in another application? For example, scripts still open in MonoDevelop or Visual studio?

Also, something worth checking is whether the game is running when you are making changes, as these won’t persist once you stop running the game (in the Unity IDE).

Can you replicate the problems if you start a completely new project but with just a simple scene, add one game object etc?

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Scripts are often open in Monodevelop but this wouldn’t explain, for example, missing colliders from prefab (at least I guess so). Also I’m pretty sure I haven’t made my changes in play mode because it’s not the most recent changes that are gone but rather 1 prefab wiped out from its properties (and references to it) and I have a habit of exiting play mode once I test something. This was for sure happening for both my block breaker and laser defender projects. I started Glitch Garden but can’t reproduce it yet. I’ll try to post more details here if I run into this again.

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