{HELP} Rendering animation takes way too long!

Im starting to render my 5 second animation when i realize it’s taking way too long. 20 minutes have past, and i’ve only been able to render 9 pictures. If anyone can help me with my render time, I would be so thankful.

<img src="/uploads/db2322/original/3X/5/d/5d6e5bdab11b816c637449e2fd396723bc5e4415.png" width=“690” height=“311”

There are my rendering setting just incase it has something to do with that.

I notice your “Performance” tab isn’t shown leaving the question of what tile size are you trying to render.

Also, remember the render tests? You never posted your render times for the CPU. Mine were, imho, quite low, on the order of 60 seconds, and it still took my computer something like 2 1/2 hours to render the 5 second video. Your time of 20 min for 9 frames (just a bit over 2 min per frame) does not seem all that high for a lap top computer.

Also, take a look at your “Date Modified” column… Does it seem strange that Frame 4 was rendered at 08:13 while Frame 1 was rendered at 08:27 and Frame 3 is completely missing… almost like…

as Capricas_Kirito mentioned these times on a machine with 4 threads are not unexpected with 300 render cycles. Did you do the render tuning that was covered in lecture 99 to find the best setup for you machine?? It might be worth revisiting that lecture and ensure you have the optimum settings for CPU/GPU and tile sizes selected.

If you did do the tuning in lecture 99 and these are the optimum CPU/GPU and tile size settings the here are a few options.

  1. Reduce the resolution of your output under the “Dimensions” section of the render tab. You can either reduce the x and y size or the percentage slider under the x and y size. This will mean that the images/video you create will be a smaller size (dimensions) on your screen but the payoff is it will render faster.

  2. Reduce your samples under “Sampling” on the render tab. thus will mean that the image will be a bit more grainy but will render faster.

  3. If you really want the larger dimensions and less grain of more samples leave the computer to render overnight.

I would try option 1 first, as an example my render times at 50% 1080p are about 30 seconds per frame and reducing the dimensions to 25% 1080p reduces that to 8 seconds per frame.

Hopet hat helps

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