[HELP] Question: Destroy(gameObject);

So this is probably a really simple question, but why when we destroy our our Music Player can we just use the command:


However, when we want our initial instance of the Music Player to persist we need the class ‘GameObject.’ As in:


I notice that the GameObject class also has a method called Destroy, so I’m a little confused.



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…this one is gunna get messy… I will do what I can :wink:

Ok… so,

Within the UnityEngine library you have Object, this is a base class for all objects that Unity can reference.

GameObject inherits from Object, this is a base class for all entities within Unity scenes.

Destroy is a method within Object, it is available via GameObject because GameObject inherits from Object. Destroy will remove a gameobject, component or asset.

Hope this helps? :slight_smile:

See also:

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It makes perfect sense! …I think. Just a follow up then:


Would all work?

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Should do, the top.one you have listed is just short hand for the bottom one anyway.

Give it a try!


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