[Help] Problem after Import Package?

Hello Guys,

I am having quite a specific problem after import and am hoping that one of you might be able to help. I am using Unity 4.6.x.

Problem: the import process went smoothly, all the items I used in the menu system - that being a whole lot of text, button images and even some sounds all came across as well as the scenes. The problem is that the Canvas itself is a lot smaller than the original NumberWizard canvas - and I’m at a loss to understand why.

I originally thought it was because I created the Block Breaker using the 3D defaults by accident. So I went through the process of creating another project using 2D and after the import the problem remained - canvas is too small.

My first port of call was to go to the Inspector to reset the values to be more like the NumberWizard version, but, all the values were greyed out. So I’m completely at sea and have no clue as to what to do. Ben said to list 2 things that we had done, but, I can’t think of anything else to try!

So, if anyone is able to help here is a big thankyou in advance!


Hi Vaughan_MacEgan,

Try looking at your game window - What resolution is it? Free Aspect? 4:3? Some custom resolution (e.g. 800x600)?

Try having your Game and Scene windows separated so you can see them both. Then, with your canvas selected, change the game window’s resolution - you should be able to see the canvas change size in the scene window (And, if your resolution is Free Aspect, changing the game window’s size will make the canvas in the in the scene window change too).

Hope this helps.

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