[HELP] Poor quality of text

Hey, I’m Rafał and I’m having problems with my game. Its in very early stage but one of things im working on and basicly the one that discourages me to develop the game any further is quality and resolution of font my story is written with. Here’s my test: http://gamebucket.io/game/65fe52ca-2351-47bf-a2b9-2998b3f79d93 . Ouch right? If you have any idea whats going on here please let me know, I tried looking for solutions myself but all I could find was 3D text scaling. Too bad it doesn’t work here.

It looks like your game’s resolution might be too low, but I’m not completely sure what’s happening, so let’s check something. If you’re on Windows, go to File menu -> Build Settings… -> Player Settings…

Then, in the Inspector pane that appears, check your “Default Screen Width” and “Default Screen Height” and make sure these are at 800 (width) and 600 (height).

Let me know what you find.

P.S. And welcome to the forums, Rafal! I actually played your game. It was fun! :slight_smile:

Thanks, actualy I’m not proud of it and would rather not want to be recognized with this game. I’m working now on a FPS game (unity) I will hit you up so you can test it first with some exclusive people :slight_smile:. And by the way the game is in 800x600 . But as I changed project I’m working on ill just leave it here on the forums and perhaps one day someone will find the replies useful.

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