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Hi everyone, I have problem I really need help with. My friend uses maya and I use blender. They made a human knight model in maya and sent it to me via fbx, they want me to rig and animate the model. Now the model loads fine in blender and I made it a rig, HOWEVER when ever I try to assignee the rig to the mesh, the mesh freaks out and explodes and gos all off scale and such. Is there a way to make the model work from maya into blender and animate it in blender? I have looked all over the net and nothing work’s. Thanks sooo much. Ps I want to kill the pc atm hahaha

Sorry Mate. for all my character animation I use Iclone… but I’m sure someone here will be able to help you out.

I don’t know if this will help but, did you try applying location, scale, rotation to 0,0,0 of the object before starting to rig it (Object mode > Object > Apply)? Did they set the same in Maya end before exporting?

@Morgaine_Christensen, I did in blender. And they did in maya as well. But nothing changes.

I am not good at rigging or animations so might have to wait for those more in the know to give you a proper answer. I am just offering simple solutions off the top of my head. Have you double checked each bone is assigned to the corresponding object parts? Something else, I don’t know much about .fbx files but could there be some limitations between Maya & Blender. Only thing else I can think of is have they tried exporting the model as an .obj file for you to import as an .obj?

You might want to rewatch the rigging videos in the Lamp section. I know sometimes I forget small bits that make a big difference when it comes to modeling.

Sorry I am not very helpful in solving your issue.

@Morgaine_Christensen will try the obj. And at least your trying ty.

It would be easier if we could see the .blend file so we can try to figure out what’s going wrong if your friend is okay with it(dropbox with a private link would work).

First thing to check to see if there are any modifiers on the knight which could be screwing things up(like a mirror modifier) which need to be applied.

Secondly I would go through all the objects in the knight, press control a, apply rotation and scale. After applying rotation and scale to everything I would put the origin point where I want it, go through all the objects on the knight setting the origin to the 3D cursor, set the armatures origin to the 3D cursor as well so that they are precisely at the same place.

Then to bind the character to the rig, select the parts of the knight and make sure to select the armature last. Press control p and select ‘automatic weights’ as a good starting point for the weight painting for the knight.

Thanks for all the help so far, still haven’t figured it out.

Is this something you can recreate the object yourself in Blender? Or, a low poly facsimile of it? My other thought was, if you could, then try rigging it to see if perhaps there might be an issue between the two softwares? Perhaps an export issue with the .fbx file coming from maya?

No its not something i can re create in blender right now i think im gonna have to leave it alone for the time.

Sorry I couldn’t help you!

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