Help needed in blender animation

Hello, I am animating my bowling scene and I am having an issue that when I make my bowling alley passive and bowling ball active it jump upward and then come down after that ball hovers above the surface.
If bowling alley is not assign rigid properties the ball goes goes down as it should.
I made the alley with one plane and extruding the edges.

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Very hard to make out what settings are on a video.
Please make full screenshots. We need to see where origin points are for the ball. What shape is used on the rigid body.

I think the origin point on the surface is correctly not above the surface the ball is supposed to be on.

Ah Ha! I think the ball is resting on the higher part of the surface plane.

Set the plane to use the ‘mesh’ shape in rigid body collisions.
Set the ball to use the ‘Sphere’ shape in the same place for it.

You can lower the collision margin if needed too.

That should then work as wanted.

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Thanks for the suggestion, the rigid body collision properties did worked. But the pins are bouncing now :crazy_face:
Here are the screenshots if you can still point out my mistake.

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Ball animation, does it have the correct axis?
like you are animting towards the y axis, but blender recalculates the axis to z?

Check the pivit center point of the ball.

Check and apply scales

decrease physics margins

The most obvious pin problem is the origin point is on the bottom of them. With physics operating the origin point is where the centre of gravity operates from. You need to move the origin point to the ‘Origin to centre of mass (volume)’ found by the menu route in object mode, Object tab, Set Origin.