[HELP] My Block Breaker is broken because of WEB GL?

So annoyingly I set a deadline to make this using just my notes. It’s annoying because I left my SFX and music that I made in Famitracker back on the work PC. So for now this is just showing the game made.

The sprites I made in PISKEL, the background art I found online. The crack sound I realise is really quiet, I rushed it out to make this on time!


Please be brutal!

That is what I would have said above had my friend just pointed out to me upon sharing the game with him. Since I switched platforms to WEB GL my game won’t load a new level come the end of the bricks and if I press mouse button down after the beginning it will hop up again? It also seems to have ignored the loop code and gets in loops a lot?

I promise before I switched to WEB GL it played perfectly. Now in unity as well it wont load levels. I have also just tested by switching back to the default and the game runs perfectly again in the Unity Editor?

However if I build the standalone PC version then it has the same issues of not loading a new level?

Here is my entire project; https://we.tl/lrBn2jrNsQ

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