[Help] Maximize screen button goes missing in posting to gamebucket

Link to my game: https://gamebucket.io/game/d46c2a26-7ca7-4773-bbfb-11b984e9c025

Run into a minor technical problem that’s bugging me. When I upload my game to gamebucket, there’s no maximize button for the game screen, which I do see in some other Text 101 projects hosted on gamebucket. It’s usually down at the bottom: the pair of diagonal arrows pointing outwards that makes the game go full screen.

I’m using the WebGL Build in Unity 5.6. I DO have that maximize button in my local copy when I do a “build & run”, it just goes missing after I post my build’s zip file to gamebucket. Any ideas?

I haven’t solved my issue with gamebucket.io, but I did discover that if I post my game to itch.io, it’s keeping that maximize screen button, as long as I have the screen height set high enough on my itch.io game page to display it. I’m guessing my issue has something to do with the fact that I’m using Unity 5.6 which gamebucket might not fully support?

Now that I’ve used itch.io, I think I might just keep using that platform to publish my future course games. I’m loving this course, by the way. I’m just starting into the Brick Breaker section, and it’s really starting to feel like I’m learning enough to create some cool little games that I don’t mind sharing with the world. :slight_smile:

Link to my game on itch.io: https://derrickc.itch.io/up-past-bedtime

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