Help in dragging of item

I’m using the inventory system from the RPG course and my game is just pure canvas and in order for the particle system to work over canvas I changed the canvas render mode from Screen Space - Overlay to Screen Space - camera.
Now, an item becomes invisible once I start dragging it then becomes visible after drag.
Going back to Screen Space - Overlay fixes the dragging issue but particle system isn’t showing up.
is there a way to make both particle system and visuals for dragging to work or I really have to sacrifice one feature in this case?

This is a tough one because it’s a little bit out of my element (I understand the Inventory system down to the nuts and bolts, but I don’t do anything like you’re game is talking about in any of my projects).
It is possible to have multiple canvases… Try making sure that the Inventory/Equipment is on a Canvas that is Screen Space Overlay, and the game is on a Canvas that is Screen Space Camera. Make sure that the Overlay Canvas has a higher sort order so that it will be displayed on top of the Screen Space Canvas.

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omg it worked!! I just had to create another canvas with Screen space overlay and put the inventory there. Thank you so much again!!!

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