Help, I cannot see my bunny's skin no matter what I do!

Here is what he looks like with the particle system turned off!

The colour comes from the fur colour as can be seen in the fur preview window:

No skin colour is showing anywhere.

Diamond Rabbit …
The standard blender way is, to use the object DIFFUSE color as hair color.
Go back in your texturing steps.
Just keep it simple, one diffuse color. The add a simple particle set up.
Your skip color example shows interesting patterns, but for a first hair attempt, maybe to much configuration.

Let us know, what was the problem.

@Michael_Bridges, can you shed any light on the situation?

Would you mind sharing your blend file with us I don’t think you can attach it directly here but if you use the service like Dropbox or any other file sharing service and then share the link here I can take a closer look :slight_smile:


Replace node HairBSDF by a diffuse DBSF.

Not sure what youa wanna achieve with this hairBSDF …
But adding tangent, will work.

@Michael_Bridges, anything to comment?

Hi Ray_H,

I think you have 3 things going on here:

  1. You have your hair particle system disabled in the view port mode (the eye icon in the particle system). This prevents the particle system (hair) to be displayed in viewport. Currently it’s only visible in render mode. (camera icon)

  2. You have assigned your hair material to the body of the rabbit and not the skin as I think you have wanted. So to fix this select the rabbit. Go into edit mode (tab) press once or twice A (select all) so you have nothing selected. Then in materials select fur and press assign. If you have no geometry selected the fur gets assigned to nothing (currently on all). Then select all and select skin and press assign. This assigns the skin material to your rabbit mesh.

You can double check you have everything correctly if you have nothing selected (in edit mode) and you select material and press select. It will show the geometry this material is assigned for. Skin should be all, fur should be none.

  1. In the particle system you have assigned the skin material to your hair. So to fix this in render change the material to hair to both particle systems. Now it’s skin.

At least with these fixes I was able to see the skin and hair correctly. Then you have very sparse hair but you can crank up the values in the particle systems :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

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Hello Jax,
You have found the problem, thank you!

  1. This is intentional in order to only show the skin.
  2. This is where my mistake was.
  3. This WAS correctly assigned, but seems to be a side effect of fixing 2. I know the hair is sparse but it didn’t matter when it was the same colour as the skin.



Thanks Jax for helping out Ray whilst I was away for the weekend :slight_smile:

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@Michael_Bridges No worries! My pleasure :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jax

Hi guys. I’m kind of having the same problem. If you see my other pictures, there’s no skin visible and the triangles are present. What did I do wrong?

I found the skin following the prompt above, but now there’s no body hair at all.

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