[help] game not running

my game

cant open either of the gamebucket.io pages.
cant play the game
tried on chrome, firefox, edge- none works. any suggestions?

Are you using a version of Unity < 5.4?

using unity 4.6.9,as shown in the video @Rob

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Pre Unity 5.4 WebGL wasn’t available, and Unity provided their Web Player instead. The Web Player was a required component which had to be installed in the client browser in order to play the game.

The more modern browsers have no dropped support for the underlying technology that was used to support the Unity Web Player.

If you want to share your game via the Web now you will need to use Unity 5.4+, you can then use the WebGL build. This would, of course, mean that you would then be completing the course in a different version to the one in the lectures. There are a few minor differences which are actually covered in a separate lecture/resource should you want to upgrade.

You don’t have to upgrade, as later in the course you do move to Unity 5 anyway, so you could potentially come back to these games, update the projects to Unity 5+ at that point, and then share them vie WebGL.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot… was thinking about doing the same :slight_smile:

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You’re more than welcome.

Don’t forget you can still do a stand alone build if you wanted to share with friends and family etc :slight_smile:

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