[HELP] Expanding Laser Defender

Hi everyone!

I have just completed the Laser Defender section, and am in the process of planning an expanded version of the game. The ideas I have are rather ambitious (for me, anyways) and I’m sure I will have lots of questions as I go - my first of which, is this the proper place to ask questions regarding this? Or should I use the collaboration forum?

Either way, I will go ahead and ask my first real question. In the Laser Defender section, we spent the entire project in free aspect (unless I missed something). But let’s say I want this game to play on the web and the PC, and later even on a console, how do I go about deciding on a resolution? I know absolutely nothing about choosing ratios and resolutions…so feel free to answer this as specifically as possible. Lastly, is it acceptable to use Free Aspect until a resolution is determined? Or is it better to decide on the resolution before anything else? Thanks!

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