[Help] cannot change the pivot point of objects

all my game objects that i create are having origin at center… i wanted to have the origin at the bottom left

For custom 3d objects, you can edit the pivot point in a 3d package.

For Unity primitives, the pivot point is set at 0,0,0 with the mesh fixed around that. However you could fake it by parenting the unity primitive to an empty gameobject, offsetting from it to position it at the desired origin point, and rotating the empty gameobject instead.

However this will run into problems if there’s any scaling, or if any script changes the transform of the child gameobject without the parent.

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how to do it in 2d objects…all objects always takes referece to middle origin

Could you post a project on GitHub/Bitbucket that shows the problem you’re having?

If its sprites you are working with. Within the sprite editor im sure you can drag the pivot circle around. Should be ok with single or multiple sprites in that.

i know that but i am having problem in setting its x,y position to the bottom left of the main camera…the game object always takes its origin to the center

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