[Help] Aspect ratio issue? possibly?

I am having an issue, and since i am not very versed in unity, i don’t know whats going on and unfortunately i also don’t know what information or screenshots would be useful here? When i run my game in the unity editor everything looks great and runs as it should. But when i do build and run nothing fits as it should. First off 600 x 400 isnt an option to run the game in. if i try to run it in any of the other resolution options, there are either parts of the game off screen, or the game is too small and there are void spaces(on larger resolutions) i used a 600 x 400 img as my background. i have set the camera aspect ratio to 600 x 400, i’ve set it to 3:2 as well, and nothing…i’ve went into player settings and set it to 600 x 400 in there.
and nothing seems to fix it. If i run the game in fullscreen NOTHING works at all, the buttons dont even funtion or anything. For one brief moment i had it working after the first time i set it in player settings, it was fitted to the screen in build mode, even fullscreen was working, and the only thing i thought i had left to do was to make it where the cursor was not visible while playing, i was so excited! when i put in the simple script to make that happen, saved it , REBUILT IN A SEPERATE location as another “test”, and it was back to its same old behaviour… and even the one that WAS working briefly was back to acting up…i don’t get it.

Hello @SageLife_420,

Could you perhaps zip up the project and share it so that I can take a look? This would be easier than screenshots.

If the project is less than 10mb you can simply upload the zip file with the entire project in to your reply. If it is larger than 10mb then please use something like GoogleDrive or DropBox and provide the URL.

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