[HELP] Aspect Ratio, Canvas Size, and Font Size

Hey guys, so I am a bit confused about the aspect ratio being used. Around the 5:20 mark, we see that a 960x600 resolution is being used. Why are we using this instead of the 800x600 resolution we used in the last game?

Also, while using this aspect ratio, the text in the video (for the title and subtitle) has a font size of 32 and 25, respectively. I, on the other hand, have to use font sizes closer to 50 to get the same look. Why is this? and is this a problem?

Thanks for the help!

You don’t need to worry
it is not a problem but just an internal editor bug.
I would advise you to test your games using Free Aspect(it is available in the game tab drop down using which you have selected your resolution) it gives a more accurate idea of the GUI .
use the font you want to use and check if it good enough in full screen mode.

Happy to help

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