Hello I am new to coding!

Hi, I am new to the industry. Can anyone give any advice to a beginner?

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Well, I’ll use my exceptional ability to extract details from generalized questions.

advice0. Imagine yourself with a big house, a nice car, and all the things you want.
advice1. Think about what things you want to code that will help you achieve this goal(Games/Business applications, etc).
advice2. Learn to code in C# as it has better security against memory leaks.
advice3. Do not try to learn everything fast. It will kill the fun of learning. Take your time. Take breaks. Come back when you want to learn more.
advice4. Drink coffee.
advice5. Stackoverflow.com This site is extremely helpful for coders at all skill levels. Create an account there.
advice6. Imagine yourself as a successful software developer all the time.
advice7. Refine your goals and add more details and steps to achieve your goals.
advice8. Research other successful programmers to gain inspiration and better understanding of the “industry”.

That’s all I can think of right now :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community.

I wpuld add that, as you make some head way and progress, consider these two thoughts;

  • never be afraid to ask a question or for help here. The community exists to support everyone who is a member of it. Your question(s) may well help other people who didn’t muster the courage to ask. Sometimes all you need is another pair of eyes to look at something, as the longer you stare at the missing semi-colon, the less obvious it will be :slight_smile:

  • when ever you can, try to give back to the community. Have a look at some of the qudstions other people are asking, perhaps have a go at resolving them too, then share an answer/solution, it is a great way to learn as often students questions will go outside of the scope of the course.

Enjoy the course and have fun :slight_smile:


Well said sir :slight_smile: . That’s probably a bit more on point haha


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