Hello From Western Canada

I have a bit of experience in Blender (self taught) and currently going through the Unreal Course with Udemy. My career was Architecture and just took the leap of faith to start my own business in a different industry this year. My goal is to use both programs to create VR podcasts.

@Subotai Hello there!

I am an architectural technology student in Ontario, but I have been working with 3d visualization and architecture projects for quite some time.

I hope you enjoy the course !

Ontario too!
GIS Technologist by day, wannabe video game developer by night/weekend.

@Crede.Pendrel Where you study ?

Way past the studying part of my life but I work for the City of Peterborough.

FYI EpicArcher79

I may or may not have just creeped your profile on LinkedIN

you can add me if you want to :slight_smile: is always good to have new connections!

@EpicArcher79 Done!

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