Hello from the UK

I normally lurk in forums… I just want to give Blender a go and see if I am actually any good at this. It does look quite fun but at the same time baffling. Let’s see how I get on.

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Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: I also recently got started on the Blender course. I look forward to seeing your work.

Oh, and good job on getting rid of your inner lurker. Let’s face it: this

is soooooooo last year.

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Thanks! Yep, that lurker is quite yesterday (Starcraft is it not?)… Hopefully, after this course I can create something much more gruesome… haha! I’ll try not to lurk as much in future :joy:

Starcraft indeed. With StarCraft: Remastered coming out next month, it could be coming back into style though :slight_smile:

Never actually played it, I’m more the sniper in the bushes in Arma… Might check it out though if it’s getting released again :slight_smile:

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