Hello from the north!

Hey guys!
My name is Martin, I’m from Denmark/Scandinavia/Europe and I’m in my mid 20s.
I’ve been fascinated by 2D and 3D animation from a very young age, which is also the reason I began drawing as a kid.
Instead of pursuing a degree in art, I ended up serving almost 6 years in the military, before studying IT and Economics at an university. The fascination of 2D and 3D never left, so I recently decided to improve my skills in both 2D and 3D while studying, in order to hopefully land a job in the animation industry, in the future.
As of now, my skills in 3D are limited, but I’m very diligent and eager to learn more about this subject.


Good luck man, im kinda the same but looking to do short films my self.

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