Heist Masters NumPad Buttons aren't pressable

Hello, I’m working on the Heist Masters course, and in the “Wiring the Lock” video, my GUI buttons do not work at all. They will switch from Hover and Normal, but never show the Pressed style. I tested if the connection function triggers, and it does, but no button pressed event is ever triggered, even if I connect the signals from the editor instead of through code. I double checked and my code is completely the same as the Yann’s, so it’s probably some problem in the editor, but I have no idea where to start looking.

Also, by default, the NumPad popup would close as soon as I pressed any button, but I could disable this behavior by checking the Exclusive box in its Inspector. I don’t remember Yann mentioning this, so I’m wondering if there’s been some sort of version change since the video was made or some global default setting that I have missed.

Anyone have any ideas?