Heading to Kickstarter in September

I an an artist that has been using Unity since V1 but had not taken the time to lean to code. Obviously this has only gotten me so far…
At present I am at about the half way point of the Unity Course. (Excellent Course BTW).
I expect that the course will help me get over the hurdles that had held me back from completing my game.
In Sept I anticipate to take my game project to Kickstarter. Over the next couple of months I will slowly roll out elements of the game to get feedback and advice from all of you. I am a solo dev so objectivity can be a bit limiting. Cheers!


Good luck with the roll out and Kickstarter campaign @Taylor_Moore. There are lots of friendly people here always will to provide some feedback, so please do post! Enjoy the rest of the course :slight_smile:

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I will be sure to support your kickstarter @Taylor_Moore!

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Congratulations! What can you tell us about the game before the Kickstarter starts? :slight_smile:

How far into development do you plan to be prior to launching it on Kickstarter? I have similar goals in mind, I plan on being more or less done with the core of the game, but light on the artistic side, when that happens.

congratulations for this new stage @Taylor_Moore, looking forward to see this game! :smiley: