Head Sculpt - tips are welcome

I had some experience in Blender with hard modelling but this is my first sculpt. I guess it still has a “doll” feel to it but I guess that’s almost inevitable without using textures. Nevertheless, if you have some constructive criticism I am more than open to hear it!


Faces are hard. But overall good job on your first sculpt!

Hairs are nice and overall shape seems to be OK. Cheekbones might be to low, eyes position is slightly off (to close to the center?), mouth shape is wired.

Edit: each next sculpt should be better :slight_smile:

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Hair is great.
Try to add more ‘Skin’ into the material node setup (subsurface scattering).
Which is also hard to do.

The dimension of the face is good now it comes to details …
Lips and mouth … light is harsh.

Thanks for the tips! Definitely will pay more attention to everything you said next time :slight_smile:.

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