Having two versions of unity on same computer

Currently i have unity 5.3.4 already downloaded with me. Is it compulsory to have unity 4.6 to pursue this course as they are saying in the video that some part are done using unity 4.x. I’am using mac for this course so, can i use only MonoDevelop as IDE for the entire course.

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You don’t have to use the same version as them, just be aware that a few things will be obsolete and you will need to fix it. But since unity community is very big, a simple Google search will be enough in pretty much all errors that you may encounter by using a newer version.

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Also, if you are using a Mac, you are not given the installation location as a choice on install. If.you did decide you use multiple versions be sure you rename.your current install directory to something else first. The suggestion is to include the version number in the directory name, for example; Unity_5.3.4 and then install the next version.

In addition to Johnny’s advice above, all of the differences/issues between the course version of Unity and the later versions have already been asked on the forum so finding answers will be easy.

As a heads up;

  • Application.LoadLevel is replaced with SceneManager.LoadScene and requires you to add the using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; directive at the top of the relevant script.

  • Particle Systems - some changes in how these can be manipulated via code.

  • Unity Web Player - no longer supoorted from version 5.4, it has been replaced with a WebGL build type.

Regarding the last point, very few people will be able to play your game if you use the Unity Web Player build type as the more common browsers no longer supoort the underlying technology that was required.

If you do use an older version and build for this, GameBucket.io should support it from an upload perspective, despite few being able to play it.

If you use WebGL tgen dom’t try uploading it to GameBucket.io, instead you can use GameDev.tv’s own ShareMyGame.com service.

Note - both are free to use and host your game for 30 days.

Hope this helps.

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