Haven't done a class this week, but have been doing lots of blender homework

If you use Opensim, contact Darkfyre Algoma for a free copy
Leaves are not simple Planes.
Opensim/SL do not show Backsides of a normal, so I made simple modeled leaves.
UVUnwrapping was fun, used 8 materials and maps.
Then made textures, used those textures to add node compositing, and made textures of the bakes.
I then found that SL/Opensim only allow one UVmap so I had to merge them all into one.
I also merged two materials to be 1, and ended with 7 materials.


I like it.

Nice flower! Good work!

Very well done! This is excellent!

Great job! Beautiful flower!
Just on tip: when you are exporting to Sketchfab, try to keep the origin and position right, so the orbit works better.
If you rotate the 3d model here, its not centered.

TY, and I thought that was some setting in the 3dsketchfab settings I could not find.
Shall remember Origin’s are important.

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I don’t know if it is the origin or the actual global location, i don’t use sketchfab that much so i’m not that sure, but it is probably one of those.
But i think it might be able to change it inside Sketchfab too, there is a place there to edit translation and rotation.

Wow nice job how many vertices/faces are in that?

What is the file MB size between the texture and the model itself?

Did you use any Zbrushing ??

What ever you did it looks great !!!

Nice to know there is another SLer/ OpenSim’s person here!

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No Zbrush.
I started by making one petal, from 1 vertice, Ctrl+e and moving them around.
Copypatsa the petals. Same with Leaves.
4385 Vertices 7,886Faces/Tri

WOW Very kewl man can’t wait to develope skill like that Well Done :grin:

Just take pics of Real leaves and petals, set as a background image, and essentially “trace” with vertices.
Same with leaf. And then for the twigs use Spin.

Good Work!

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