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I’m Jamie from London. I have an Oculus Rift DK2 and Gear VR and have been waiting for VR to take off for years!
Question, will I still need a Google cardboard to complete some of this course or can I get away with using either of what I have already? I have played around with Unity a bit but am far from competent in it. I have Ben’s book on order to help improve my skills.
Very much looking forward to this course!

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I think Sam said you can get away with not having one but you would have to find your own way in getting the alternatives set up correctly.
A google cardboard isnt a requirement till section 4 anyway and you could probably get around it.

The code is simple and basic but if you havent really done much you might struggle a little but Sam will get you though. Just go though sections 2 or 3 times if you dont understand them.
You could always pick up Ben’s unity course as well as it really does help doing the VR course afterwards but its not required.

I use a VR box and my samsung galaxy 4, My google cardboard only literally arrived today but the VR box is practically the same thing just no magnet plus i get a remote.
Its not fancy but it will get the job done for now.

Great thanks for this. Really looking forward to getting stuck in. Think I’ll have a go at using what I have and see how things go. Cabn’t wait to see what others have got out of this.

It is possible to use the Gear VR, but the method i know does cost .99
Basically you just need to stop the phone from booting into gear vr when you put your phone in so you need to turn off the service that does it.

There is an app on the play store called “Package Disabler Gear VR”. This is a streamlined version of the original app called “Package Disabler Pro” where you had to find the service and disable it. (btw the premium just adds the ability to lockdown hardware keys)

Just for future reference.

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Cheers, I’ll certainly give that a go. Slightly annoying that this is so “Apple-esque” and there isn’t a standard option to disable it. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come from Android/Oculus.

I’m guessing this is the place to talk about which hardware I’ll be developing for in the course…

Since I already have a Google Cardboard, I’ll make it for Cardboard. That said, I’m VERY keen for HTC Vive when I can afford it… That Tilt Brush… aahhh

I love tilt brush. It really is gonna change how we draw diagrams and communicate in the future.

This lesson just blew my mind! I have just learnt so much - so excited about this course!! I have access to Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift (sporadically at work) but as I have an iPhone 6 and Google cardboard I will focusing on the Google cardboard. I also use both PC (primarily) and Mac (so I can be “bi”) so will enjoy learning on both and producing a product that can be used on both iOS and Android platforms.

My target audience are VET students (i.e. voc ed - tradies, etc) so it would generally be BYOD and the Google cardboard is financially possible to have 15 per class (for example) so another reason for my choice.


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Now that Google has updated to GoogleVR SDK will there be an update to this course. Or will it make a dif?

Yes we will be working on an update to the course in the very near future.

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Hi, I’m Mohammad from London. I have a HTC Vive with me. Will be using VR to create intractable experience for the construction industry.

I’m going to be using Google Cardboard with an older Galaxy Note phone to start. I have a Galaxy Note 7 but I can’t use it with Samsung Gear VR until I complete the recall process for the phone itself. Some of the new Note 7s were exploding when plugged into the charger in the Samsung Gear Unit because of a defective battery. Think I will try to avoid fire and melting plastic in my face for now. So yep cardboard it is. :grinning:

Once I get used to cardboard I’ll switch over to Samsung Gear and once I get used to that I may invest in an HTC Vive. As a consumer the HTC Vive impressed me the most but I don’t want to spend all that money on it to just play games until I can make some basic ones too. Trying to balance between producer and consumer.

As for my tech faction I’m a Windows and Android person. When it comes to personal gaming I’m a PC / Sony person.

Hi there, i’m Rainer from Hamburg Germany.

I’ll start to make Games for Mobile, because i think there should be more “mainstream” content, so that “normal” smartphone-user will get the coolness of VR. :wink:
Google Daydream is a good way to to this, but wait until you will see my solution after this course gg

if there are more students from Germany, let me know :slight_smile:

so… let’s go!

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Will be using Google Cardboard with my iPhone 5s to start- it’s what I currently have. Would love to make something that would use the full power and capabilities of HTC Vive. As others have already mentioned, it’s just fantastic. I use Mac, so should be fine with Cardboard for now! I’m looking to make some visually/aurally interesting VR experiences, with minimal to no interaction on the part of the user.

Hello everyone. Im extropy from London, UK.

Im lucky to have both GearVR and HTC Vive platforms. Have tried the Rift, but must tell you that the Vive is infinitely superior. Room-scale and tactile response via the controllers are absolutely amazing, and you really feel the presence of other players (in mutliplayer games, which is my particular interest).

The Gear VR is also very good however, especially as its mobility and lower cost make it far more convenient that the Vive. Google Cardboard is nearly as good, though lower field of view so less immersive. Ive used both Cardboard and Gear to allow clients to stand inside and walk through architectural design proposals - with great success.



I totally agree with Vive vs Rift. I think it will be a good thing for the VR market as a whole to have better competition.

Hi everyone … I have a google cardboard so will be using that for development purpose
But will see what all different parameters are required to support the same project for Gear VR … Maybe UnityEditor script to support both if not big changes.

I want to make educational stuff in VR for kids … for ex. Kids can actually feel they are in space and just learning about all the planets in detail

I like HTC vice because of the controllers which just increases the scope of developing games … but right now not focussing on those kind of games.

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Hi everyone! I am from London, UK! I have Google Cardboard, and had little knowledge of different platforms up until I completed lecture 4. I want to understand the technology, as it is something excites me most right now! So I want to develop something as a side project, hopefully it will be interesting. So, I intent to stick to what I have (google cardboard), though I’d love to get on the Oculus or HTC Vice someday, but it is too pricey for me at the moment.

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Hello. I am targeting Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. I am new to VR space with some experience in C# and C++.

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I ordered today a Google cardboard! My game development goals are Mobile games to start with…

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