Handy to have

here is my model of some hands, I wanted to have a quick way of adding hands to a first person game I rigged them so I could move the model around whatever I wanted them to hold, originally I used this in my zombie game from the unity game maker course.

I am happy with the fingers but the palm part of the hand started to go wrong, I will make a new model when I get chance.

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Hey Dan,

SketchFab says the model hasn’t been published yet :wink:

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thanks for the heads up. :wink:

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No worries… these looks so good, nice work Dan… :slight_smile:

side note : I am having far too much fun playing with them in the embedded 3D viewer :smiley:

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LOL yeah I have that same issue I always have a play too. its such a cool feature.

and thanks rob.

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Is it weird that I like to see the inside of the models? I remember going inside of @McFuzz’s troll and looking around inside it’s head… I’ve just been inside your hands… like little dungeon tunnels… hehe… :smiley:

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that sounds cool I will go and have a look.

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You know what, I found the model… And I don’t think I can un-see what I have just seen. :cry: ha ha

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hehe… I liked the ears canals :smiley:

Here’s one of your hands…

Could be an alien spacecraft, or the inside of an ants tunnelling system… or you could be travelling in a small ship through someone’s body… like that film, Fantastic Voyage :slight_smile:

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Looking at that I saw the caves of hoth :dizzy_face: just imagine x-wings down the fingers hehe.

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Would be awesome…

There you go then - next project! :smiley:

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:3 Hello Dan @restlessdan , I have been looking at your hands, and whilst I’ve been far too nervous to touch 3D modelling in 6 months (so you don’t have to listen to me lol), and even though you didn’t ask, I have some advice, if you would like.

  1. The fingers should be a little bit higher on the palm. This will make the palm look less strange and the fingers look more natural

  2. The hand should be built in a resting pose. Spread your fingers out and have an arc with the middle knuckle at the highest point. The thumb should droop down below the palm. This makes it so that you have less work creating a realistic resting animation when you stand moving the hand.
    Hold your hand limp at the top of your wrist and watch what happens, then model the hand like that.

  3. Tooooooooo many verts. If you intend to use these for a game, you’ll find that they may be tricky to animate or start to bog down your simulation due to need to over process them.

  4. I AM A MASSIVE HYPOCRITE but try not to rely on sub-surface. Like… Do as I say, not as I do lol, but subsurface should not be used for game assets. Smoothness can be attained without relying on overtopologizing the model, and fingernails are easier to make with one inset and extrusion on one side, rather than insetting the whole fingertip verts. Fingernails, also, would be better done with textures.

  5. Rounded fingertips. I am assuming this is a remnant of the subsurface

It’s somewhat tricky to keep up with, but I learn best with Timelapse videos and recommend them to others, and this is one I found a long time ago where a dev was making a hand that would be visible most of the time. The geometry is simple and easy to move. I think this is a great video to watch if you’re making hands… Even though he does it in Maya.

hi sorry I didn’t get to reply sooner, thanks for the feedback, I want to revisit this topic of hand modelling again I will use that video for a bit more help in getting this nailed (so many puns :smile: ). This model wasn’t used in the full game its just the model I used to get something made up for the game. The model in the game was only 8,000 verts which I was quite impressed with for my first go at modelling my hand with my gun don’t know if that could be a lot better.

here is an updated version:

also shows the animation frames as well of him fidgeting with the gun and pulling the trigger.


I really like this… nice attention to detail with the finger fidget… like the hammer coming back on the end too…

I spotted the trigger doesn’t move, I’m guessing in the fast paced nature of running around and blasting everyone no one would even notice. Wonder if the hammer should pop back forwards a bit quicker though?

Had you done any 3D modelling before the Blender course Dan? Really impressive work. :slight_smile:

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No never always tinkered with blender before these courses. The trigger used to move didn’t notice when I uploaded the model. I tried to spend an age tweaking it but I ended up settling with this animation as I didn’t want to spend to long with it.

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Blimey, very talented there Dan.

Ah, I did wonder about the trigger, only because it was clear you had spent some significant effort on the fingers and hammer etc.

I’ve not started with Blender yet, but I did set up a SketchFab account in preparation some time ago, I’m following a few people from here already, do you have an account there also?

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Thanks Rob.

I do have an account there as well, they have been making some nice updates to the site as well they now have 3d sound which I haven’t tried but such a cool concept.

Like this one:


hehe, that’s very cool - I did receive the email but I didn’t check it out.

Mind if I follow you on SketchFab?

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Go right ahead, you will be my first follower :blush:

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