Hand drawing

My sketches.

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Those look like some great ideas! Can’t wait to see some of them posted! BTW when you model the bike make sure to look at reference material. I saw some study that said most people can’t draw a bike from knowledge, they can be tricky even if you see them all the time! :slight_smile:


Hi! Thank you. I hope to be posting some of them soon!

Indeed. Now that you said I looked at the bike and laughed. :smile: I searched for a reference and tried to make a fast sketch, nothing fancy, and even looking at the reference I have to admit that it was a bit tricky. Like you said, even seeing them all the time I would need to try more times before start making the right shapes (even looking at the picture I had to erase and redo some lines :sweat_smile:).

But it’s much better now haha.

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I am glad I was able to help. I don’t know why they are so hard to draw, its just silly. Happy drawing!

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