HAL 9000 Hacker Terminal



I turned my hacker project into a bit of a Space Odyssey 2001 type of game. For those of you familiar with the film, it tries to replicate Dave trying to break back into the ship after HAL locks him out:

Im pretty pleased with how it has turned out (definitely room for improvement) but as a first project…not bad!

The way this game works:

  1. You need to complete all 3 levels before moving onto the final portion. You can complete a level as many times as possible but that will only count as 1 ‘win’.

  2. On each attempt, you have 5 tries. Otherwise HAL wins.

  3. On completion of the 3rd level (in whatever order you do it in) you will then be taken to the end game portion.

Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile: