Had a go at Martian type landscape

Still learning blender as I go, so taking the opportunity to put some of my own models in hope that’s okay.

I still need to add something to make it a little less barren, probably some alien vegetation but I’m pretty happy with the low poly stylized look. I’m thinking of using the crystals a bit latter on as sort of collectable items in harder to reach places. and it should be a bit more interesting when it’s in motion.

It’s a bit of a struggle because of the camera angle to add a lot of objects without confusing the player as to what they are going to collide with (If that makes sense)

Thoughts and advice/criticism always gratefully received.


Wow this is amazing. Where did you get the assets inspiration or did you make them from scratch? Because they are insanely good :100:

Thank you. Everything was made in blender using images of some cartoon rockets for inspiration and a handy youtube guide on gradient textures and some post-processing to make the models actually look like they do in blender, which took a while and a fair bit of frustration.

I’m hoping to make the little crystals as a pickup later on (as in when I know how lol) I’m pretty happy with the stylized theme, so I’m glad someone else thinks it looks cool, made my day lol.

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GameDev comes with much frustration. In fact I have a secret… I’m always frustrated