Grooming my bunny!

Re-did some of the mesh as using shorten is a lot easier that having loads of meshes for the different lengths of hair.
Rendered Image is @64 samples …
Still bits of skin showing though on the ears though!


The little bits on his ears do actually give him character. Looks like he could be chief bunny, he’s been doing the job for a while, he’s a fair bit older than the rest of the bunny community, the one that the other bunny’s go to with their problems - he is their leader and protector - his scarred ears each tell a story in their own right. His only reward is the other bunny’s love, which is enough - although, someone mentioned something about a carrot once, but he hasn’t seen it yet :smiley:

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'Bobby wont be playing “Poke the stick a the BunnyWabbit”, anytime soon … ’

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ROTFL!!! That just gave me the best laugh I have had in a while… lol… very clever and really good :smiley:

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